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We all recognise the critical role that students play in sustaining rural medicine, and we have worked hard to make this conference as "student friendly" as possible. 


To achieve that goal, we have kept registration fees for in-person attendance to an absolute minimum. We have also created three global student ambassador awards. 


In addition, various student prizes and keynote presentations that focus on the student agenda are included in the programme. 


We do recognise that despite these measures, some students will still be unable to attend in-person. This is why we are creating a virtual student "conference" that will take place in parallel to the main conference. We want Rural Wonca 2022 to reach as many students as possible!


The virtual content will be limited to Sunday but it will allow students to interact with this leading global conference at various levels, whilst keeping costs to an absolute minimum. Please see below for outline programme:


Sunday 19th June - virtual programme

0900 – 0930 – Keynote – Anne MacFarlane and Santus Severoni

0930 – 1000 – Keynote – Theona Morrison and Thomas Fisher

1030 - 1130 - Student Virtual Presentations:

  1. Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria (Nigeria carries 70% of Africa's Sickle Cell burden) The student was born in Nigeria and has Sickle Cell herself

  2. Underage drinking in Kenya Both the students parents are Kenyan

  3. The impact of child marriages on the health of women in India The student was born in India

1200 – 1300 : Global Ambassadors – conference  highlights and discussions (blended)

1430  - 1515 – Keynote – Prof Roger Strasser (with linked Teams invite)

1520 – 1600 – Prof Ian Couper – “getting published”

1600 – 1800 - Student Virtual Presentations

 1800 – 1900 – Rural Cafe


For €10 (with valid student ID) you can access:

  • Sunday keynotes live streamed, with moderated parallel MS Teams sessions so you can take part in live Q and A with global leaders. 

  • access to a mobile friendly website so you can network with other student delegates from around the world, whilst also receiving CPD certificates for your portfolio

  • submit abstracts (e-posters, recorded oral presentations or RED Talks) (see link here:, and present your work to virtual and in-person delegates and speakers.  This platform will suit students who have work accepted but cant attend in person, or have work that they would have liked to submit but didn’t feel they could travel to the conference.

  • network with like-minded people from around the world 

  • attend blended workshop with Prof Ian Couper on Sunday June 19th   entitled “How to get published”


In addition, if you feel numerous students would like to attend this virtual day conference together please approach your institution and ask them to consider an institutional registration (, which will allow unlimited students in your institution to be registered and attend the virtual conference.  Payment is by online credit card for all registrations.

Please note that this conference is not open to prior student registrants, or those who have had a paper accepted at the full conference/CLIC or any other main conference day.  This conference is only open to those with a current valid student ID.

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