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We are delighted to announce that online abstract submission portal is now open here.


Abstract Submission Deadline – 29th April 2022

Abstracts Submission Instructions

  • Abstracts must be in English.

  • Fill in the submitting author’s name and e-mail address properly – these contact details will serve for further correspondence with the author(s).

  • Indicate the presentation type

  • The abstract title should have no more than 20 words.

  • The maximum length of the body of the abstract is 500 words.

  • Select the conference theme most relevant to your abstract

  • Indicate whether you intend to present in person or online

  • Indicate your preferred presentation time (GMT)

Format for Abstracts

  • Background / Introduction

  • Methods / Activities

  • Results / Findings

  • Implications / Conclusions

  • Key point(s) / Take-away message(s) / Question(s)


Types of presentations:

  1. Oral presentations

  2. Personally Arranged Learning Sessions (PeArLS)

  3. Workshops

See below for more information on types of presentations


Submission and Selection Process

Please submit abstracts using the online portal.

Abstracts will be chosen, using a transparent scoring system, by a panel of experts from the Scientific Committee based on originality, relevance, scientific merit, and suitability for a virtual format.



Please click here to submit your abstract.

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